Service, Facilities and Amenities

Common and Dining Areas

We have a few dining and relaxation areas for mothers to social and share their motherhood journey.

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Professional Care

Highly trained, caring and registered midwives and nurses provide 24 hours of dedicated care to you and your newborn, ensuring that both of you are in the best physical and emotional condition.

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Baby Room

Our baby room is not only spacious and cosy, it is also equipped with 24-hours care by our staff, CCTV surveillance, individual baby monitor, UVC Virus buster, air purifier to ensure a safe, cosy and conducive environment for your baby.

Baby Care Includes (click down to see list)

  • Daily clothing for baby
  • Daily cloth nappy
  • Daily disposable diapers
  • Daily recording of baby's weight
  • Daily recording of baby's feeding & output
  • 28 days pre-packed herbs for baby bath
  • Baby Tummy Oil
  • Organic Baby Skincare



Others Facilities and Services

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Learning and Exercise Programs

We have a variety of fun and educational activities, such as baby care workshop, baby wearing class, infant massage class, parenting class, healthy cooking demo, postnatal exercise, etc. to make your confinement as enjoyable and productive as possible.