Myth no 5: I must eat liver and meat only.

The truth: The confinement period is a time when physical changes that
occurred in the last nine months will revert to the original state. It is also a period when the nutritional demands on you are high, owing to the recent blood loss from the delivery and the demands of breastfeeding.

The belief here is that the mother has been “cooled” by the
delivery, and there is a need to eat “heating” foods such as meat. Many “confinement foods” have been devised to ensure that these nutritional demands and beliefs are met. Whatever your beliefs are, it is important to have a well-balanced diet rather than specific food types to replenish the body’s stores. This is especially so during breastfeeding. If necessary, as in the case of vegetarians or vegans, iron or vitamin supplements may be taken to satisfy these nutritional demands.

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